Stacey Lambert BSc

Stacey took an interest in complementary therapies when she was injured at the age of 16, a keen runner wanted to get back into competing. Stacey started having acupuncture and osteopathy in a complementary therapy clinic in Northallerton and in a short period of time was back up and running.

A couple of years later Stacey went back to the clinic to look further into acupuncture and did work experience there for a number of years while studying her a levels before going to university.

Qualified member of the British Acupuncture Council.

I studied a bachelor of science degree in acupuncture at Leeds Metropolitan University. I became a registered acupuncturist under the british acupuncture council.

Specialist in facial rejuvination.

Stacey has a keen interest in facial acupuncture and studied facial rejuvenation afterwards as part of her continuing professional development.

Providing pallative care with acupuncture.

Stacey works with Herriot Hospice Homecare, she provides acupuncture to patients in their own home. Since Stacey started doing this in 2012, she continually updates her skills with professional development in this area.


Stacey is also a qualified reflexology therapist. She finds acupuncture and reflexology compliment each excellently as both are founded in meridian theory.

Interested in receiving advice prior to consultation?

I often find many of my patients benefit from a pre-consultation chat via phone or email. Allowing them to learn a little more about acupuncture treatment, help identify whether acupuncture would be the most appropriate course of treatment for them, how acupuncture could help and what to expect. If this may be of interest please use the contact details below.

Looking to book a consultation or follow up appointment?

Please contact Stacey on 07889 904 258 or email info@lambertacupuncture.com to book your appointment now.